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Episode 40: Travis Walton UFO Abduction Audio

This episode contains the first interview given by UFO abductee Travis Walton after his apparent abduction from the Apache-Seagreaves National Park, Arizona, in November 1975. Walton is being interviewed by KOOL-TV reporter Jim Ryerson for the show Face the State on 11.11.1975.

This is one of very few UFO abduction cases that has been supported by multiple eyewitnesses. Travis Walton was one of a small crew of loggers clearing trees and brush when a UFO descended on them. Walton’s co-workers say that Travis was  struck and seemingly wounded by a beam of light that emerged from the strange aircraft. His co-workers drove
away in a panic. Later, they returned with search and rescue
personnel, but Travis had vanished. He did not re-appear for five days.

When he returned, Walton had an incredible story to tell. As he explains in this interview, he was taken on board the UFO and subjected to a number of unusual encounters and experiments. Back in Arizona, he thought only a few hours had passed.

At the time, the case gained widespread publicity. At first, when Travis was missing, police suspected the UFO story was a cover-up for a logging accident. When he returned, he was given a polygraph exam, which he failed. He gives the reasons for this in the interview, along with commentary by a polygraph examiner. Travis Walton and his coworkers have continued to insist their story is true.

Listen to the interview here

Interview Transcript (pdf)

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Forensic Transmissions
Forensic Transmissions
Episode 40: Travis Walton UFO Abduction Audio