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Episode 178: Bo Pete Jeffrey Trial

December, 2018. Lisa Jeffrey, 48, of Ocala, Florida, hadn’t been seen for a few days; relatives became concerned and contacted the police. When cops searched the trailer where Lisa lived with her ex-husband, 57-year-old Bo Pete Jeffrey, they found her body, along with a pair of blood-stained boxing gloves, stuffed into garbage bags under his camper bed. Lisa, who had Crohn’s disease, alcoholism and a drug problem, had been beaten to death.

During the police interview, Bo Pete is not in good shape. He retches and vomits constantly, and is finally taken to the hospital. The next day, feeling a little better, he admits he beat Lisa after an argument but claims she passed out and died “on the commode.” He said he welcomed her death because he hated her so much, but he insisted he didn’t intend to kill her, and hid the body because he felt guilty for beating her.

In July 2021, Bo Pete Jeffrey was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

(Audio quality is poor due to recording conditions).

Forensic Transmissions
Episode 178: Bo Pete Jeffrey Trial