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Episode 11: Pascagoula UFO abduction

On the night of October 11, 1973, Charles Hickson, forty-two, was fishing from an old pier on the Pascagoula River with a friend, nineteen-year-old Calvin Parker Jr., when both men heard a “zipping” sound and en­coun­tered a glowing, elongated UFO hovering above the ground. Three aliens emerged from the craft and took the men on board. The encounter made national headlines, and the two men were interviewed separately by James Harder of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, and the astronomer, professor and UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek. Both Hickson and Parker gave almost identical accounts of their experience, although Parker admits he passed out for a time from fear. The aliens were described as humanoids just over five feet tall with no neck, slits for eyes and mouth, a pointed nose and pointed ears, claw-like hands, and joined, pedestal-like feet. After numerous interviews, including one under hypnosis, Harder concluded that Hickson and Parker “experienced an extraterrestrial phenomenon,” and Hynek concurred that the two men had “a very real, frightening experience.”

Due to the age of the recording, audio quality is very poor.

Listen to the interview here.