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Episode 184: Buried Parents Trial

Richard, Sheryl and Stacey Kananen survived a horrific upbringing of violence and abuse on the part of their father. Sheryl left home to marry and raise a family, but Stacey and Ricky continued to live at home with their parents in Orlando. When their father Larry disappeared, no-one missed him. But when their mother Marilyn disappeared 15 years later, police became suspicious, especially when, shortly after her mother went missing, Stacey, 37, moved with her partner Susan to live in a nudist resort.

Searching the siblings’ home, police unearthed the remains of their father under the garage floor. Their mother’s mummified body was found buried in the rock garden. After being questioned by police, Ricky and Stacey unsuccessfully attempted suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. When they were separated, Ricky admitted to the murders in return for a 30-year-sentence. But when Stacey agreed to testify against him, Ricky turned on her and claimed she was responsible. After her acquittal, Stacey wrote a book about the case, Fear of Our Father: a true story of abuse, murder and family ties  (Berkley Books, April 2013).


Forensic Transmissions
Episode 184: Buried Parents Trial