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Episode 152: Four 911 Calls

had a blood alcohol content of .23 (and Ian passed a polygraph), the death was ruled a tragic accident.

(2) In Oct. 2009 several people who had paid more than $9,000 to attend a motivational retreat in Sedona, Arizona, fell unconscious while taking part in a 2-hour “sweat lodge” session. After one man fell onto the burning rocks, panic broke out and people tried to get out of the lodge. An on-scene nurse attended to the victims and then dialed 911 for help. When dispatchers arrived, more than 50 people needed medical assistance, many of whom were lying on the ground, unable to move. Two participants, James Shore and Kirby Brown, died, and eighteen others were hospitalized after suffering burns, dehydration, breathing problems, kidney failure, and elevated body temperature. Liz Neuman, another attendee, died on October 17 after being comatose for a week. Guru James Arthur Ray was convicted of two negligent homicides and spent 20 months in prison, before being released in 2013.

(3)  In Feb. 2007, shoppers at the Trolley Square shopping center in Salt Lake City, Utah, called 911 to report gunfire inside. Police responded and tracked down Sulejman Talović, 18, who was armed with a shotgun and handgun. For an unknown reason, Talović shot and killed five persons, injured another four, and was killed by police. Police radio audio follows 911 calls from shoppers.

(4) In August 2009, police in Glynn County, Georgia responded to the New Hope mobile home park in response to 911 calls, and found the bodies of seven dead people. Two other persons were injured, including 19-year-old Michael Toler, who died the following day. Later that day, police arrested Guy Heinze, Jr., 20. On October 25, 2013, Heinze was convicted of all eight murders and sentenced to life without parole. Drugs and money were apparently the motive. The first call is Heinz’s neighbor, who hands the phone to Heinze and later the to the trailer park maintenance man. The second call is from the trailer park manager, who had been called by the maintenance man.

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