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Episode 2: George Huguely Police Interrogation

On May 3, 2010 22-year-old UVA student Yeardley Love was found unresponsive in her dormitory bedroom. She had been dating fellow student and lacrosse player George Huguely over the course of the last two years, but the couple had recently broken up. Huguely, who had been drinking, was the last person to see Love. That night, he was taken to the Charlottesville police station, where he waived his Miranda rights and talked about an argument he had with Love earlier that evening that became physical. Whatever you may think of Huguely’s responses to the officer’s questions and his minimizing of the relationship’s violent breakdown, it is clear that he is telling the truth about what happened, or as much of it as he can recall (he admits to being very drunk). There’s no question that he is  genuinely horrified, even disbelieving, when he’s told that Yeardley Love is dead.

Listen to the episode here.