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Episode 190: Skeleton in the Closet

Dixie Shanahan, 36, a hard-working nurse’s aide from Defiance, Iowa, was abused by her stepfather all through her childhood, then, in 1995, she married an abusive husband. Scott Shanahan, 40, had a violent temper, was twice convicted of beating Dixie, and once tied her up with wire coat hangers, and locked her in the basement for three days. One night, Scott threatened Dixie and her unborn baby with a loaded gun. Dixie, afraid for her daughter’s life, waited until Scott was asleep then shot him in the back of the head. Then, instead of calling 911, she pulled the covers of Scott’s body, closed and locked the bedroom door, and never went in there again. A year later, when police entered the room, there was nothing left but skeletal remains.

In April 2004, Dixie was found guilty of second-degree murder, which normally carries a 50-year sentence, but in 2018, after fifteen years behind bars, she was granted work release.

Forensic Transmissions
Episode 190: Skeleton in the Closet