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Episode 129: Interrogation of Rocky Rambo Wei Nam Kam

This episode contains part of the interrogation of Rocky Rambo Wei Nam Kam, a 25 year old man Chinese accused of killing Vancouver couple Richard Jones, 68, and his wife, Dianna Mah-Jones, 64, in their home on Sept. 26, 2017. Rocky does not confess to the murder–in fact, while he’s happy to engage in a little small talk, he says nothing at all related to the crime.

His interrogator is Sgt. Leah Terpsma, who uses a gentle, sympathetic, motherly approach, bringing Rocky a chicken sandwich and eating her lunch with him. But it doesn’t work. All Rocky wants is to be given his phone so he can play video games while he waits to be taken to jail.

When the case went to trial in January 2020, Rocky’s attorney argued that his mental state was impaired due to an addiction to video games and he didn’t have the intent to commit murder. In fact, he argued that Rocky thought he was in a video game when he murdered the couple. No other motive has come to light.

Sentencing has been delayed due to COVID quarantine.

Listen to the episode here.