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Episode 18: Heaven’s Gate Exit Statements

“The media will tell all kinds of lies about us, describe us as a crazy UFO cult. We know that. We know the kind of things they’ll say about us. That we’re all brainwashed by some kind of guru,” says one of the members of Heaven’s Gate in his exit statement. He knew what we were going to say, and he didn’t care. He knew he was going to the evolutionary level beyond human – and why should we disbelieve him?

    These happy and heartfelt exit statements explain the class members’ beliefs and reasons for going to the next level with their beloved leader, Do. Many have been in the class (and yes, they refer to Heaven’s Gate as a “class,” not a religion, or a church, or a even a belief system) for over thirty years; most have belonged for ten years or more. Surprisingly, many state that they left the class at some point, then, disillusioned with the world, returned to the class, professing regret for their defection and nothing but deep love, respect, and admiration for their leaders from the evolutionary level beyond human, Do and Ti.

 Interesting details are revealed, including the fact that some of the male members of the class, including Do, had elected to have their “vehicles neutered” (and felt so much the better for it). The class left behind a document called “The Routine,” outlining the process by which their exit would occur. It took place over the course of three days.

A group of 15 exited on Sunday March 23rd 1997, assisted by eight others. A second group of 15 exited the following day, also assisted by eight people. 39 bodies were found on Wednesday March 26th 1997, so that would have left a final group of nine to exit the previous day. Do’s was a late death, but he was not the last to die.

The means of death was a combination of phenobarbital and hydrocodone, probably consumed with apple sauce or pudding, chased down with vodka. The members, who were dressed in new white Nikes, dark, collarless shirts with closely cropped hair, then put plastic bags over their heads and suffocated, after which they were covered in purple shrouds. Each member had a roll of quarters and a five dollar bill in their pocket, and a duffle bag beside them.

At least one cult member had blood flowing from their nose or mouth, in reaction to the suicide drugs. Do lay on a large bed; his followers lay on bunks. An illustration of an extraterrestrial stood nearby. The bodies were clad in all-black outfits bearing a  triangular patch specially made for the group. It read: “Heaven’s Gate Away Team.” 

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Listen to the exit statements here

Forensic Transmissions
Forensic Transmissions
Episode 18: Heaven's Gate Exit Statements