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Episode 116: Incel Uprising: Elliot Rodger/ Alek Minassian

The first piece of audio in this episode is “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution,” posted online by the 22-year-old before his Isla Vista rampage on May 23, 2014. Roger explains that he is angry about being unable to get a girlfriend ever though he is obviously “gorgeous,” “magnificent,” and a “supreme gentleman.”
This is followed by audio from the police interrogation of software development student Alek Minassian after he drove a van into a Toronto crowd, killing 10 and injuring 16. In the police interview, Minassian, who has Asperber’s syndrome, identifies himself as an “incel” and, describes his mass rampage as part of the “incel uprising” (confused Detective Rob Thomas keeps referring “incels” as “celebs”). Speaking in a monotone, emotionless voice, Minassian describes how he drew inspiration from other incels on 4Chan who used violence as a form of retribution for “being unable to get laid.” In a Facebook post the day of his rampage, Minassian wrote, “All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!”
Minassian tells Thomas about a Halloween party in 2013, where he tried to speak with young women, but was often ignored or laughed at. “I consider myself a supreme gentleman,” he said, adding: “I was angry that they would give their love and affection to obnoxious brutes.”

Listen to the episode here.

Forensic Transmissions
Episode 116: Incel Uprising: Elliot Rodger/ Alek Minassian