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Episode 151: Pastor Lewis Clemons Deposition

This deposition features another sinful apostle (see episode 106). In this case, Apostle Lewis Clemons, of the Church of God in Christ in Columbus, Georgia. Clemons was deposed reluctantly by attorneys for Lakisha Smith, a member of Clemons’ church from 2011-2016, who describes three occasions where the pastor acted inappropriately, on one occasion “anointing her body with oil” as he had been taught to do by “an older pastor.” When Lakisha Smith filed a civil suit against Clemons, another woman came forward with similar accusations. Lequita Jackson, who started attending pastor Lewis Clemons’ church when she was 14 and did not leave it until last month, alleges that Clemons led her into “inappropriate sexual contact.” Jackson, now 30, said Clemons used his position of leadership in the church to make her “do what he wanted and to justify his actions.” She said the married “apostle” twice paid for abortions after getting her pregnant, once when she was 16 and he was 40. The women’s civil suit in was filed Muscogee County Superior Court in July 2017, seeking financial damages and to have Clemons banned from serving as a pastor. The outcome of the case has not been made public.

Listen to the episode here.