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Forensic Transmissions

“Forensic Transmissions” is an audiophile’s curated collection of public domain audio files. It emerged out of my own search for a true crime podcast that contains only what’s most compelling to me–911 calls, trial clips, audio testimony, police interrogations, and other unexpurgated forensic audio–but without judgements, commentary, or product endorsements. Unable to find what I wanted, I began my own collection. “Forensic Transmissions” is for true crime lovers who enjoy hearing unfiltered, public domain audio. These recordings aren’t for everyone. Most people will no doubt find them tedious. But for those who share my audio obsessions, nothing on earth can be more riveting–including televised versions of events, which leave less to the imagination. Listen carefully to this collection of audio files, and you’ll start to wonder what we think we’re doing here on this planet, hurtling mindlessly around the sun. Although the episodes are categorized as explicit, this is due to discussions and testimony of crimes rather than anything that occurs live on the air.

The podcast is available here, and on iTunes. Episodes are released sporadically.