Author Mikita Brottman with Oliver photographed in her Mt. Vernon Apartment

photo by Justin Tsucalas

I’m a professor in the Department of Humanistic Studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art, and an author, critic and psychoanalyst.  I’m currently also co-directing the MA Program in Critical Studies. I write books and teach courses in literature, with a particular focus on psychoanalysis, true crime, animals, and the unexplained. I also work one day a week with the Jessup Prison Scholars Project and the Clifton Perkins Forensic Hospital Center. I live in the old Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore, with my partner David Sterritt, and our French bulldog, Oliver. You can contact me by e-mail at

For my resume and copies of my academic papers, go to my page at

Read about my work at Jessup Correctional Institute in Baynard Woods’s profile, “Heart of Darkness,” Baltimore City Paper, April 30, 2014.

Act I

The scene feels like it could have come straight from a Danish TV show as horizontal sheets of rain slash at the barbed wire slicing the small patch of sky above the enclosed prison yard inside the Jessup Correctional Institution (JCI). The elegant British psychoanalyst and author with full dark hair and a dark streak seems indifferent to the weather. “Would you like this umbrella, Professor Brottman?” an official asks, hurrying along beside her.

“I’m fine,” she says and keeps walking toward the next building. – Read the rest of the story here.


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