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My name is Mikita Brottman. I am from England, although my bulldog is French. and I’m a Professor in the Department of Humanistic Studies and the MA Program in Critical Studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in downtown Baltimore. I’m interested in writing,thinking, talking, and teaching about: the unexplained and abject; the dark corners of everything; the history of psychoanalysis; true crime; forensic aesthetics, and uncanny animals. I have a D.Phil from Oxford University and a PhD in psychoanalysis. I’m a writer of non-fiction, both academic and creative, and a certified psychoanalyst (not current in practice; see Vas Hermeticum). I live in the old Belvedere Hotel in Mount Vernon, Baltimore, with my partner, the movie critic David Sterritt, and our popular and charismatic French bulldog, Oliver. To learn more, read a profile of me and my work published in the Baltimore Sun by Mary Carole McCauley on July 22 2016; or look at this article by Mark Dery in Boing Boing, published on October 16 2014; or check out my profile on the MICA website.