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Forensic Transmissions

Forensic Transmissions is an audiophile’s carefully curated selection of police, courtroom and investigative recordings. I find this real-time audio of far more compelling than any true crime television show or documentary. With nothing but pure audio, my imagination can go to work. I feel my ears straining for changes in tone that might indicate moments of guilt, regret, deception, or despair. These public domain audio files give us privileged access into the life of a stranger who could very easily be you, me, or someone we know. Who do we become when our everyday social personality collapses? More than anything else, these audio recordings reveal that the deadliest horrors in human life happen are banal, domestic, and intimate. “When we want to read of the deeds that are done for love, whither do we turn?” asked George Bernard Shaw. His answer? “To the murder column.”

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Episode 1: Trapped in the Ice Cave  (1:00:55)
Episode 2: George Huguely Police Interrogation (2:16:00)
Episode 3: Russell Williams Part 1 (54:18)
Episode 4: Russell Williams Part 2 (35:43)
Episode 5: Russell Williams Part 3 (1:00:14)
Episode 6: Bear Attack 1 (22:43)
Episode 7: Michael Dippolito Police Interview (20:19)
Episode 8: Dalia Dippolito Police Interview (30:52)