Murder Society Episode 5, Maria Mellins, Friday Dec 13, 2019. Maria and Mikita talk about true crime and Forensic Transmissions.

Women Love True Crime, Public Intellectual, Jessa Crispin, Sept 24 2019.
Mikita and Jessa discuss the new true crime wave and what it says about its mostly female audience.

Rendering Unconscious, Dr. Vanessa Sinclair, April 15, 2019.
Mikita and Vanessa talk about psychoanalysis, writing, and forensics.

It was a Dark and Stormy Book Club, July 23, 2019. Discussion about An Unexplained Death.

Land of the Unsolved, Stephen Janis and Taya Graham. December 3, 2018. Mikita, Stephen, and Taya discuss the death of Rey Rivera in the Belvedere Hotel.

Roughly Speaking with Dan Rodericks, Episode 109, August 2016. The Maximum Security Book Club.

Reading Lolita in a Maximum Security Prison, Stephanie Bastek, Smarty Pants,  July 11 2016. The Maximum Security Book Club.

Midday with Sheilah Kast, WYPR Baltimore, June 13, 2016.
The Maximum Security Book Club

The Life and Times of the Yorkshire Ripper, Rippercast, April 30 2016. Audio from Rippercon 2016, Jack the Ripper and True Crime Convention, Baltimore 2016.

The Great Grisby New Mercury Non-Fiction Reading Series, The Wind-Up Space, Baltimore, Oct 2014.

Dog Talk, Tracie Hotchner, #405, January 2015.
The Great Grisby.

13 Girls, Episode 13, John King, The Drunken Odyssey, Aug 2012. On writing, and writing about true crime.

Paranormal Psychoanalysis, Expanding Mind, Erik Davis, Sept 29 2011. Phantoms of the Clinic.

The Sound of Young America, Jesse Thorn, October 30 2008. The Solitary Vice: Against Reading.