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Wake Island Podcast, “Revenge of the Creepers.” June 27, 2021. Apple –

Left Bank Books, St. Louis, MO, with Baynard Woods, July 2021.

Ivy Bookshop, Baltimore, with Justin Fenton, July 2021.

True Murder with Dan Zupansky, June 29, 2021.

Mystery & Thriller Mavens with Sara Divello, July 6, 2021.

Murder Society Episode 5, Maria Mellins, Friday Dec 13, 2019.

Women Love True Crime, Public Intellectual, Jessa Crispin, Sept 24 2019.

Rendering Unconscious, Dr. Vanessa Sinclair, April 15, 2019.

It was a Dark and Stormy Book Club, July 23, 2019.

Land of the Unsolved, Stephen Janis and Taya Graham. December 3, 2018.

Going Rogue. Baltimore Style, October 2017

Roughly Speaking with Dan Rodericks, Episode 109, August 2016. The Maximum Security Book Club

Junkie in the Joint, Chronicle of Higher Education July 23 2016.

Reading Lolita in a Maximum Security Prison, Stephanie Bastek, Smarty Pants,  July 11 2016. The Maximum Security Book Club.

Midday with Sheilah Kast, WYPR Baltimore, June 13, 2016.
The Maximum Security Book Club

The Life and Times of the Yorkshire Ripper, Rippercast, April 30 2016. Audio from Rippercon 2016, Jack the Ripper and True Crime Convention, Baltimore 2016.

Sex, Lies & Literature: Learning from Mr. Hyde, The American Scholar, October 2016.

Jane Austen’s Ivory Cage, The American Scholar, May 2015.

Under the Spell of a Name Modern Love, New York Times, November 13, 2014

Lusty Ladies & Naughty Dogs, Psychology Tomorrow, October 14, 2014.

 Seeking a Glamorous Gertrude, Nameberry, February 17, 2015.

Dog Talk, Tracie Hotchner, #405, January 2015. The Great Grisby.

The Great Grisby New Mercury Non-Fiction Reading Series, The Wind-Up Space, Baltimore, Oct 2014.

13 Girls, Episode 13, John King, The Drunken Odyssey, Aug 2012. On writing, and writing about true crime.

Paranormal Psychoanalysis, Expanding Mind, Erik Davis, Sept 29 2011. Phantoms of the Clinic.

The Sound of Young America, Jesse Thorn, October 30 2008. The Solitary Vice: Against Reading.

Psychoanalysis & the Paranormal

Whereof One Cannot Speak: Conducting Psychoanalysis Online, Psychoanalytic Review, 99.1 Feb 2012, pp 19-34.
Psychoanalysis, Resistance, and Telepathy Kakar and Kripal, eds., Seriously Strange, Viking, NY 2012.
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The Company Man: A Case of White Collar Crime, American Journal of Psychoanalysis, 2009, 69, pp 121-135.
Ted Serios and Psychic Projections, Chronicle of Higher Education, February 20, 2011.
Shrinking City, Baltimore Style, 28 Dec 2010
Psychic Styles: Fashions in Metaphysical Media, Thought Catalog, 28 Dec 2010
The Influencing Machine and Technophobia, h+ magazine, August 5 2010
Valley of the Dogbots of War, h+ magazine, January 15 2010
The Two Freuds, Chronicle of Higher Education, July 09, 2004.
The Quick (to Make a Buck) and the Dead, Chronicle of Higher Education, March 21, 2003

Higher Education & Literature

True Crime and Academe, (with Tom Doherty), Chronicle of Higher Education, September 24, 2012.
Spelling Matters
, Chronicle of Higher Education, January 15, 2012.
What About Ogden Nash? Baltimore Style, December 2011
Tackling Texts Alone, Chronicle of Higher Education, October 23, 2011.
The Not-So-Golden State, Chronicle of Higher Education, January 02, 2011.
Search Committee Etiquette, Inside Higher Ed, February 12, 2010
Trusting the Amateurs, Inside Higher Ed, June 22, 2009
No More Fancy Fonts, Inside Higher Ed, December 10, 2009.
Learning to Hate Learning ObjectivesChronicle of Higher Education, December 13, 2009.
Taking Comics Seriously, PopMatters, 20 March 2008
Has Reading Really Made You a Better Person? PopMatters, July 9, 2008
Nutty Professors, Chronicle of Higher Education, September 16, 2005.
Teachers’ Pets, Chronicle of Higher Education, January 09, 2004.
Sometimes Courses Can’t be ‘Enjoyable’, Chronicle of Higher Education, August 01, 2003
The Scholar Who Found a Life’s Work in Dirty Jokes, Chronicle of Higher Education, July 12 2002.

Critical Theory & Cultural Studies

The Love That Dare Not Bark Its Name, Chronicle of Higher Education, September 08, 2014
How to Remove the Guilt from ‘Guilty Pleasures’, PopMatters, 6 April 2008
You Can Always Watch the Movie, PopMatters, May 13 2008
Is The Internet a Portal to Hell? Bad Subjects, December 2005
When Good Plants Go Bad, Chronicle of Higher Education, December 12, 2008.
Debauchery Next Door: The Boundaries of Shame in Abigail’s Party, QRFV 24:4, July 2007, 317-323.
Ritual, Tension, and Relief: The Terror of The Tingler, Film Quarterly, 50.4. Summer 2007, pp 2-10.
Is The Internet a Portal to Hell? Bad Subjects, December 2005
Touching the Void in Our Lives, Chronicle of Higher Education, August 13, 2004.
The Two Freuds, Chronicle of Higher Education, July 09, 2004.
The Quick (to Make a Buck) and the Dead, Chronicle of Higher Education, March 21, 2003
The Scholar Who Found a Life’s Work in Dirty Jokes, Chronicle of Higher Education, July 12 2002.
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Apocalypse in Suburbia, Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies, Fall 2003, 3, 8-12.
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Allegory and Enigma: Fantasy’s Enduring Appeal (with David Sterritt), Chronicle Higher Ed, Dec 21 2001.
Celluloid Cannibals that Feed Our Darkest Fears, Chronicle of Higher Education, March 02, 2001
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Joyful mayhem Bakhtin football songs and the carnivalesque, Text and Performance Quarterly, 14:4, 1994, 289-304,
Bakhtin and Popular Culture, New Literary History, 23.3, Summer 1992, pp 765-782

Book & Film Reviews

Can We Take a Joke? dir: Ted Balaker, Chronicle of Higher Education, September 5 2016.
The White Devil, Matthew Beresford, London (2013), Chronicle of Higher Ed, Nov 25, 2013.
A Decade of Dark Humor Ed. Gournelos and Greene, U Press of Mississippi, Chronicle of Higher Ed Feb 12 2012.
The End: An Electric Sheep Anthology, Virginie Selavy, Cineaste, 37.1 Winter 2011.
My Dog Tulip: A Dog Film That’s Actually About A Dog, Chronicle of Higher Education, 14 November 2010
Sway, Zachary Lazar, Little, Brown, NY. PopMatters, 18 March 2008
The Executioner’s Bible, Steve Fielding, John Blake, London. PopMatters, 30 January 2008.
Sleaze Artists, Jeffrey Sconce, Duke University Press, PopMatters, 12 January 2008.
The Elementary Particles, Michel Houellebecq, trans Frank Wynne. Sexuality & Culture, 2008, 12: 186-188.
The Gothic, Gilda Williams, MIT Press, PopMatters, December 2007
The Rough Guide to Unexplained Phenomena, Bob Rickard and John Michell, Penguin, PopMatters, 11.Sep.07
The Red Parts, Maggie Nelson, Free Press, PopMatters, 3.Sep.07
Hotel Theory, Wayne Koestenbaum, Soft Skull, PopMatters, September 2007
The Evolving Brain, R. Grant Steen, Prometheus, PopMatters 28.Aug.
Becoming Eichmann, David Cesarani, Da Capo, PopMatters25.Jul.07
Interfictions, Delia Sherman and Theodora Goss, Small Beer Press, PopMatters 16.Jul.07
Tabloid Prodigy Marlise Elizabeth Kast, Running Press, PopMatters 5.Jul.07
Contemporary Gothic, C. Spooner (Reaktion) &  Goth, ed. Bibby & Goodlad, Duke U Press, Chronicle of Higher Ed, June 15 2007.
New Cultural Studies, Gary Hall and Clare Birchall, Editors, University of Georgia Press, PopMatters 23.May.07
The End of the World As We Know It, Robert Goolrick, Algonquin Books, PopMatters 7.May.07
The Wow Climax, NYU Press, Henry Jenkins, PopMatters, 24. Apr.07
FOUND Polaroids, Jason Bitner, Editor, Quack! Media, PopMatters 15. Apr.07
Reading Like a Writer Francine Prose, Harper Perennial, PopMatters 3. Apr.07
Freud’s Wizard, Brenda Maddox, Da Capo, PopMatters 12.Mar.07
Knitting Under the Influence, Claire LaZebnik, 5 Spot, PopMatters 6.Mar.07
What is the What, Dave Eggers, McSweeney’s, PopMatters 10.Dec.06
13 Ways of Looking at the Novel, Jane Smiley, Amazon, PopMatters 15.Nov.06
Rain Village, Carolyn Turgeon, Unbridled Books, PopMatters, November 2006
Not in Kansas Anymore, Christine Wicker, Harper SanFrancisco, PopMatters, October 2006,
Housekeeping vs The Dirt, Nick Hornby, Believer Books, PopMatters, September 2006,
Remember Me, Lisa Takeuchi Cullen, Collins, PopMatters, September 2006
The Ruins, Scott Smith, Knopf, PopMatters, August 2006.
Irrevérsible (Gaspar Noé), Film Quarterly, 57 no. 2 (2003-2004), pp 37-42 (with David Sterritt).

Hidden Baltimore (Column, Baltimore Fishbowl, 2011-12)

Crazy as a Bedbug: A Tour of Historic Belvedere Hotel Suicides, Feb 27 2012
Taxicab Confessional, January 2012
Lady in the Lake: The Mysterious Death of Sphinx Barmaid Shirley Parker, December 12, 2011
Katie Manion Lives in a Zoo, November 18, 2011
SoWeBo’s Secret Stables, October 31, 2011
The Wedding Planner, October 20, 2011
Beautiful Druid Hill Park: Where the Bodies are Buried, Sept 27 2011
The Fetish King: Managing Chained Desires, Sept 20 2011
Haunting the Antique Toy Museum, Sept 19, 2011
Yoga in the Park,  August 26, 2011
Baltimore’s (Thrilling) Backrooms, August 15, 2011.
Medical Actor Melissa Daum, August 02, 2011
Atomic Books: The Center of Everything, July 27 2011
Poe House, Schmoe House, July 11, 2011
Give Rats a Chance, June 21, 2011
Linked by an Invisible Thread, May 20, 2011

Sub Rosa (Column, PopMatters, 2007-2009)

Curse of the Monkey-Eared People, 7 July 2009
The Special Bus, 20 April 2009
Surton Girls, 27 May 2008
E-Mails from the Dead, 5 May 2008
Customer Feedback, 25 March 2008
Plastic Fantastic, 18 February 2008
When Pets and Past their Prime, 5 February 2008
Dyke-Alikes, 6 January 2008
One Man’s Trash….  25 November 2007
The Good, The Ugly, and the Simply Awful, 21 October 2007
Dinners of the Damned, 23 Sept 2007
The Real McCoy, 26 August 2007
Xtreme Zoo Babies, 6 August 2007
Stars in our Pies, 1 July 2007
Shit Happens, 3 June 2007
Abandoning the Fort, 10 May 2007
Side Show Suckers, 1 April 2007
Art History, 6 March 2007
Mein Kat, 6 February 2007
Mixed Pickles, 8 January 2007